Aya Nectar Solid Cream 250gr

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AYA NECTAR strong visions 250gr. / 8.8 oz Solid Cream Past..

Concentrate / Power 250gr / 8.8oz pure ... A highly refined and concentrated cream extract made from fresh "chacruna" Psychotria viridis leaf and Banisteriopsis caapi (yellow) fresh vid. Just add 100ml to 200ml of boiled water; Homogenize the contents well until the density is released and ready to serve. Total rest, put some icaros musical and wait for the peace that will come for you to take to deep worlds of conscience. Rather, prepare to meet your demons.

Content aluminum container : P. viridis, B. caapi, no other plants..

No refrigeration required.

100% Natural Organic.

Total contents ready to drink approximately 450ml

Total discretion for the shipments..


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"In Plants we trust"

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