Callaeun antifebrile (thunder caapi)

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Callaeum antifebrile (Thunder or Black) es una enredadera de la jungla sudamericana de la familia Malpighiaceae, que se encuentra predominantemente en toda la cuenca del Alto Amazonas y con menor frecuencia en el Bajo Amazonas.

Callaeum antifebrile is used in folk medicine, particularly in the northern Brazilian state of Para In addition to being used as a febrifuge (anti-fever remedy), bathing in an infusion of the plant is said to combat the evil eye, panemice, antifebrile is used as a hallucinogen in the same manner as Banisteriopsis caapi.

The stems and leaves of C. antifebrile have been reported to contain harmine. No other alkaloids have been reported, but no chemical analysis has been conducted on the plant in the last half century.

Only rooted cuts or clones available!!

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