Poraqueiba sericea (pack 1 seed)

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Poraqueiba sericea

The umarí, guacure, yure or teechi is a plant native to the Amazon, distributed both wild in the natural forest, as cultivated, in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, in non-flooding humid zones, between 23 ° and 25 ° C. and up to 500 meters above sea level.

It is a tree up to 40 m high, 1 m in diameter. Cultivated reaches 7 to 14 m in height and 28 to 35 cm in diameter. Leaves 21 cm long by 11 cm wide. The fruit is an obovoid drupe 5 to 10 cm long and 4 to 8 cm in diameter; thin, smooth, lustrous shell, yellow, black, red or green; edible mesocarp 2 to 5 mm thick, with a fat texture similar to butter, yellow in color and pleasant in taste, containing fats, carbohydrates, protein, zinc, calcium and vitamin A; hard, woody endocarp, contains a large seed with abundant endosperm.

It is propagated by sowing the endocarp containing the seed in bags and then transplanted. It can be sown in the shade associated with other crops. The germination occurs from 38 days after sowing, at 3 years fructifies and at 5 it is in full production. It is harvested on the ground on the same day that the fruit falls.


Fresh fruit pulp It has a pleasant flavor and characteristic strong aroma. It is consumed directly in its natural state, accompanied by cassava farina or cooked with rice; Traditionally, it is added to cassava (cassava bread) or to other foods such as butter

Pulp in the preparation of cahuana, traditional non-alcoholic drink, based on cassava starch.

Pulp oil; Edible oil is extracted and used in the preparation of rice and fried foods. Currently it is extracted industrially.

Roasted edible seed.

Seed starch, traditionally mixed with cassava starch to prepare cassava. In industry, umari flour replaces wheat flour and is also used in the production of glues for the lumber industry. It is medicinal for dermatological use.

Leaves in folk medicine.

Forage. It is used in feeding pigs.

Wood for construction and for coal.

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